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Tried once viagra - in either eye. From porn already sick. If you on the eve of the five times did any pathogens will not help. For good sex you need to pre-abstinence, at least a day, and consumption of high-quality cream. Once I caught such quality, per night in a dream two times finished.
from these Taplow boner hard, for girl-play the virgin, this may result in specific pain.
I admit - tried)))Leading manufacturers of drugs spend millions of dollars on the invention, clinical trials of their drugs before they are approved and allowed to sell. Throw in the enormous costs of their advertising. However, some inventions for some reason, whether it's low efficiency, large side effects, etc, are not brands and their production is minimized. But on the whole process the company already spent. Therefore, these firms are forced to cover costs by selling drugs that have become popular among consumers. Well, a huge "appetite" manufacturers despite the fact that a Patent gives a monopoly (albeit temporary) to produce medicines patented under the trade name. So in the case of Viagra, the patent for which is owned by Pfizer (active ingredient - Sildenafil citrate). All this is reflected in the price of the drug.
not I myself, kanesh. man.))

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And that supposedly the computer itself is very harmful (emits all .)
An old man went to the doctor and demanded to prescribe Viagra.
Doctor: No problem. How old are you?
- A little bit. Can be four. Just cut each tablet into four parts. Doctor:
- To sense from it will not. Too little.

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Besides, it nedorogo for vision, an hour later the other eye needs to rest for 5-10 minutes.
Another helps comfortable chair.
Where the author is? I wonder how it ended.And the POWER. the USA peasant is still THERE. .
So VIAGRA. not about THEM. . while the HONOR. .
VIAGRA is a pill used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men. It helps most men with erectile dysfunction to achieve an erection and hold it during sexual arousal.
Strong more. USA man in the village. .
VIAGRA. is. . "the occupation" .EVERYWHERE. .
so VIGRA. he doesn't need. .
The most important thing. . His POWER. calculate. "UNTIL THE END".
Source: And the village has its own VIAGRA. . "SLAM" the glass. AND "BABA".YOUR.)
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Viagra generic online

The prolongation (an artificial prolongation of sexual intercourse) is done. After the introduction of the penis into the vagina the man for a while, stops frictions until the first strong wave of sexual arousal. Then frictions renew. The main role of the "Manager" role of the senses in delaying sexual intercourse belongs to the man.

When its sexual arousal as the result sovokupleniya movements again reaches the threshold of ejaculation, the man, the stops frictions. Having experienced again a wave of strong excitation, in love again renew "dance of love". This way you can stretch sexual intercourse for one hour or more.

Technique to prolong sexual intercourse should own every man. However, we need the support from women, and a deep understanding of its need.

Starting to practice prolonged the act, of course, a man should warn a woman that the next meeting, he will hold it a little differently and to explain what would be the specific. Prolonged sexual intercourse are able to give men and women a very high degree of orgasm. At the climax of the feelings of sexual intercourse occurs exceptionally rapidly. Wave unusually sweet sensations overwhelmed them both.

The technique of "stop-start"Hello! I heard a topic that if you sit on the fifth point, it turns out stagnation in the genitals and it negatively affects of potency (if years to lead a sedentary lifestyle - there will be problems with potency).

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At this moment two bodies, like two sweet springs with particular pleasure make their organisms exquisite "ritual of love". Prolonged sexual act, you can almost guarantee the simultaneous onset of orgasm and ejaculation partners. This is due to the fact that when you tighten intercourse, sexual arousal of the partners and the erection of the genital organs attain an exceptional degree enough at this altitude the feelings of one of the spouses to speed up the rhythm of frictions, which is a sure sign of incipient ejaculation, as the strongest wave of excitement extends to the other partner.

In Ancient China the teachings of the "Tao" says that any man who is unable to achieve satisfaction of the partner, can learn the art. According to the teachings of the "Tao" man belongs to the beginning of "Yang", whose feature is easy and fast with the excitement as well. The woman belongs to the beginning of "Yin" - she is excited slowly and slowly becomes saturated. In other words, men and women require different times for arousal and to achieve orgasm. And the task is to approximately equalize them, and in an ideal - to achieve synchronization of these terms. Here are some top tips:

Posted by Doctor Jack Read more Comments(15) 13.01.

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  • You can then master the method of alternating five shallow and one deep. Finally, it should go to the alternation of nine shallow and one deep frictions.
    By mastering the techniques of controlling premature ejaculation the necessary patience and perseverance.

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  • Need to master the technique in three shallow and one deep movement and to increase the number of frictions one approach to 81. If his excitement begins to grow, you should immediately stop the movement and remove the penis to 2-3 inches, he remained in the vagina. After excitation will go back to normal, he needs to resume thrusting again, alternating between the three shallow one deep.

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  • - But tell me, johnny, what this viagra?
    - How from what? - Diarrhea!
    - ??As from diarrhea? Where did you get?
    - Mother every night gives dad one tablet and says, "here, take viagra,
    maybe this shit will harden you. "